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I’ve come across nettles on menus in the past and been a bit boggled by it… why would anyone want those stingy plants anywhere near your mouth!? Anyway I put those thoughts aside for this post as I was intrigued and wanted to find out how this could work in a cocktail. Gin makes everything better right?

Using nettles foraged from my garden, the perfect partner had to be Hepple gin also hailing from Northumberland, this delicious delight was created. I decided to add mint to the syrup to lighten and add some freshness the the herbaceous nettle flavours. All in all my first experience of using of nettles in the kitchen was a success! Just make sure you wear gloves when handling the nettles.


50ml Hepple Gin

25ml Nettle Syrup (recipe below)

Lime (dependent on taste)

Mint to garnish

For the syrup:

Equal parts Sugar and water depending on how much you want to make. 200ml of each should be plenty

Bunch of nettle leaves (wear gloves)

Slightly smaller bunch of mint leaves

In a container add all the ingredients, I like to shake to release the tastes and leave for a few hours. These can be kept in a fridge and used over a few days.


Chill you glass and fill a Boston shaker with ice. Add 50ml of Hepple gin, juice of 1 lime (this can be adjusted to taste, I like mine extra citrusy) add the nettle syrup and shake vigorously for around 15 seconds.

Double strain into your pre chilled glass and garnish with a mint leaf.

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